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Liblinphone is a high-level SIP library integrating all calling and instant messaging features into an unified easy-to-use API. It is the cross-platform VoIP library on which the Linphone[1] application is based on, and that anyone can use to add audio and video calls or instant messaging capabilities to an application.


Copyright © Belledonne Communications

Liblinphone is dual licensed, and is available either :

  • under a GNU/AGPLv3 license, for free (open source). Please make sure that you understand and agree with the terms of this license before using it (see LICENSE.txt file for details).

  • under a proprietary license, for a fee, to be used in closed source applications. Contact Belledonne Communications for any question about costs and services.


Building liblinphone

The linphone-sdk[7] git project is the recommended way to build liblinphone, as it bundles all required an optional dependencies to build liblinphone as git submodules. It has a top-level CMake build script that makes life easier.

Here the main dependencies listed:

  • BcToolbox[2]: portability layer
  • BelleSIP[3]: SIP stack
  • Mediastreamer2[4]: multimedia engine
  • Belcard[5]: VCard4 support
  • Belr generic parsing engine for ABNF defined languages.
  • libxml2
  • zlib
  • libsqlite3: user data storage (can be disabled)
  • python interpreter and pystache, six python module (needed for C++/C#/Java wrappers and API documentation)
  • doxygen and dot (needed for C++ wrapper and API documentation)
  • Bzrtp[6]: zrtp stack used to secure calls

Build instructions (when used standalone, outside of linphone-sdk)

cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<prefix> -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=<search_prefixes>

make install

Supported build options

  • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<string> : install prefix
  • CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=<string> : column-separated list of prefixes where to search for dependencies
  • ENABLE_SHARED=NO : do not build the shared library
  • ENABLE_STATIC=NO : do not build the static library
  • ENABLE_STRICT=NO : build without strict compilation flags (-Wall -Werror)
  • ENABLE_DOC=YES : Make the reference documentation of liblinphone to generated
  • ENABLE_UNIT_TESTS=NO : do not build testing binaries
  • ENABLE_VCARD=NO : disable VCard4 support
  • ENABLE_TOOLS=NO : do not build tool binaries
  • ENABLE_LIME=NO : disable Linphone Instant Messaging Encryption

Note for packagers

Our CMake scripts may automatically add some paths into research paths of generated binaries. To ensure that the installed binaries are striped of any rpath, use -DCMAKE_SKIP_INSTALL_RPATH=ON while you invoke cmake.

Rpm packaging liblinphone can be generated with cmake3 using the following commands:

mkdir WORK
cmake3 ../
make package_source
rpmbuild -ta --clean --rmsource --rmspec liblinphone-<version>-<release>.tar.gz


Belledonne Communications SARL, all rights reserved.


This software is distributed under GNU GPLv3. Please read COPYING file for full license text.